Solitude Out Now!

I may be slacking just a bit on these posts but not when it comes to writing! My latest story ‘Solitude’ is out now via Sirens Call Publications’s latest E-Zine at on pg 102. Enjoy!!



Hey! It has been a while, however I’m writing as always. My newest story ‘Solitude’ has been accepted in the latest EZine from Sirens Call Publications! It will be available for free, with more details coming soon. Currently, I’m working on my first novella titled ‘Eat Fresh’ and liking what’s coming from it so far; only time and God will tell what will come of it but I’m enjoying the process anyway. 🙂

Book Review: Black Magic Women

Black Magic Women : Review of an Anthology of Horror

by James Goodridge

Mystical is how I like to label profound work and that’s how I label the work between the covers of Black Magic Women: Terrifying Tales by Scary Sisters, an anthology of well-crafted horror stories by a congress of well-established and up and coming group of women of color.

In recent years there has been a emergence or reemergence of black speculative fiction parallel to the Afro-futurist movement (I took the red pill and have been a creative member since 2013). This anthology will for years to come, be an important must-have book documenting the era.

A labor of love, the anthology is edited and curated by Sumiko Saulson and proof read by Jessica Glanville with contributions by: Valjeanne Jeffers, Kamika Aziza, Crystal Connor, Davida Green Norris, Nina Polina, Nuzo Onoh, Delizhia Jenkins, LH Moore, Kenya Moss-Dyme, Lori…

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Unexpected Shoutout


I’m beyond speechless. The one and only Anne Rice gave a huge shoutout and raved about my latest anthology!!! If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out Black Magic Woman on Amazon Kindle which is available for $4.99 yet…you need to. Anne Rice approves 😊