return to dune towers

Here’s my new story Phoenix. Photo courtesy of Willow Raven.

Out of everyone, she survived. Everything that was thrown at her she exceeded beyond expectation. With her mother’s green dress draped over her like a shield, she gazed upon the place that had once ridiculed her, banished her and almost killed her. Although her legs was heavy due to the relentless torture that she endured, she finally escaped the torture that plagued her for several months that left her speechless upon her return as a new person who wasn’t driven on fear but anger. The blood, sweat and tears were cleverly hidden along with her true identity; the only sounds that accompained the police helicopters was the rapid beating of her bitter, cold, heavy heart as her silence remained deafening. Her dress matching green eyes flickered with vengeance as she stood, watched and waited for her chance to once again rise from the ashes and take back what was hers.


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