West Nile

This was not happening. The numbers were increasing by the day and there wasn’t too much the doctors could do. People whose lives were full of joy had to fight to maintain them from something that became so much worse from a simple mosquito bite. Reports of the scorching hot weather here in South Florida during the summertime which attracted mosquitoes were nothing new but reading reports of them carrying the West Nile virus was a bit surprising; it was even more surprising when I found that people including my husband was infected with the rare case of the virus that causes neurological illnesses. Seeing my husband and so many others become disorientated with seizures and then quickly falling into a coma made me feel so helpless with my mind wondering if there will ever be a cure. With over 200 people and counting here in Fort Lauderdale being infected and dying from the virus along with the continuous hot weather I’m afraid that my husband wasn’t going to last long. Being barricaded in a hospital for now almost 2 weeks was making me paranoid and restless about the future state of what was going to happen to the remaining 100 people including myself who weren’t infected. With no specific treatment for the virus all we could do is wait, wait for any sign of hope that there would be an end to this horrific epidemic. From the collar of my shirt feeling what I thought was a minor tingle on the back of my neck became an unknown mosquito bite, tears flow down my face as I realized what my fate would become.


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