How much of yourself are you willing to lose? I sat there contemplating an answer to that question. I knew I had to find one quickly before the wheels in his head began turning. My thought process was blocked by the sound of my rapid heartbeat and his shallow breathing. Tears flooded my eyes as I realized how dangerous this man can be with his cryptic messages; he knew all of my personal information including intimate moments I had with my husband. Revealing his job as a pizza delivery man he knew his way around the city so he managed to find out where I worked and where my mom and best friend lived as well. All I could think about was my family and how much they mean to me especially my husband who I adore deeply and was going to start a family with. “To answer your question, I am willing to lose everything if it meant my family’s safety.” “Really?” “Yes.” I was bold but ready to sacrifice myself for the ones that I loved. “But I wanted to be your family. Are you telling me that you didn’t have any sort of a connection when we met? I did. When you told me to keep the hope alive after I lost my job do you realize how inspiring your words were? Your words were my inspiration, hell, your life’s a reflection of perfection that I want to have with you. I love you Sarah, I really do.” I just stared at him, unable to respond. “But you didn’t want to give us a chance you decided to start a life with Bret, you broke my heart.” His eyes grew dark and menancing and as I began to scream he placed the ball gag in my mouth. “We’ve only just begun.”


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