Writing Contest Runner Up #4 – The Return by @TabiCat90

I really hope that I can win this!! Fingers crossed!!! 🙂

Shonda Brock Paranormal Romance Author

Cursed Love 4

It’s time to announce the Cursed Love Flash Fiction Writing Contest results.
Congratulations #4, The Return by Tabitha Thompson!

By: Tabitha Thompson

She stood in front of my door, staring and smiling at me with a horrifying grin. I was no longer looking at my wife Kasie, but at a stranger. Her once radiant and glowing body had turned gruesome and rotted. This was not what I signed up for when I started this love spell, somehow the spell backfired. “This can not be. Something must’ve went completely wrong.” “Nothing went wrong sweetie,” Kasie replied “See for yourself.”

Once I reached the bathroom, I couldn’t believe the man that was staring back. I was completely unrecognizable. Although I felt physically fine, my looks told a completely different story. My flesh was gruesome and rotted, with a slight poke it was falling off the bone; my eyes were sinking inside my…

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Book Review: Black Magic Women


Black Magic Women : Review of an Anthology of Horror

by James Goodridge

Mystical is how I like to label profound work and that’s how I label the work between the covers of Black Magic Women: Terrifying Tales by Scary Sisters, an anthology of well-crafted horror stories by a congress of well-established and up and coming group of women of color.

In recent years there has been a emergence or reemergence of black speculative fiction parallel to the Afro-futurist movement (I took the red pill and have been a creative member since 2013). This anthology will for years to come, be an important must-have book documenting the era.

A labor of love, the anthology is edited and curated by Sumiko Saulson and proof read by Jessica Glanville with contributions by: Valjeanne Jeffers, Kamika Aziza, Crystal Connor, Davida Green Norris, Nina Polina, Nuzo Onoh, Delizhia Jenkins, LH Moore, Kenya Moss-Dyme, Lori…

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Unexpected Shoutout


I’m beyond speechless. The one and only Anne Rice gave a huge shoutout and raved about my latest anthology!!! If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out Black Magic Woman on Amazon Kindle which is available for $4.99 yet…you need to. Anne Rice approves 😊