HorrorAddicts Guest Post: Fierce. Fearless. Female

I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest on horror addicts with my blog titled ‘Fierce. Fearless. Female.’ It’s about my personal experience on being a black woman writing horror and how it came to be. Check it out at this link. Enjoy 😊


Interview with PromoteHorror

To kick off the last day of black history and women in horror month, here’s another interview I’ve done with Promote Horror, courtesy of Women In Horror month. I talk about what a ‘Woman In Horror’ month means to me, where I think the future of women in horror is headed, and more. 😊

Here’s the link:


Book Review: Black Magic Women


Black Magic Women : Review of an Anthology of Horror

by James Goodridge

Mystical is how I like to label profound work and that’s how I label the work between the covers of Black Magic Women: Terrifying Tales by Scary Sisters, an anthology of well-crafted horror stories by a congress of well-established and up and coming group of women of color.

In recent years there has been a emergence or reemergence of black speculative fiction parallel to the Afro-futurist movement (I took the red pill and have been a creative member since 2013). This anthology will for years to come, be an important must-have book documenting the era.

A labor of love, the anthology is edited and curated by Sumiko Saulson and proof read by Jessica Glanville with contributions by: Valjeanne Jeffers, Kamika Aziza, Crystal Connor, Davida Green Norris, Nina Polina, Nuzo Onoh, Delizhia Jenkins, LH Moore, Kenya Moss-Dyme, Lori…

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Unexpected Shoutout


I’m beyond speechless. The one and only Anne Rice gave a huge shoutout and raved about my latest anthology!!! If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out Black Magic Woman on Amazon Kindle which is available for $4.99 yet…you need to. Anne Rice approves 😊

Alternative Teaser……

Shooting pain from her lower back and stomach almost made Michelle scream in agony. This agony was something she had never felt before during her experience in taking birth control. As she ran her hand across her swollen belly, it no longer resembled a stomach to her, but more as if swallowed a bag of hot rocks and her insides were burning. Please just one drop, that’s all I ask for. Just one drop. She begged and pleaded that something would happen, anything. But now, as her breathing slowed and the room felt less closed in, the pain still lingered. If she didn’t know better, she could’ve sworn that her stomach was forming a life of its own. It can’t be…there’s no way, it’s just my eyes. Nothing more. 

Black Magic Women release date announced

Sumiko Saulson

February 15 is the official release date for Black Magic Women, 18 Terrifying Tales by Scary Sisters associated with the reference guide 100 Black Women in Horror.

Black Magic Women

Imagine horror where black characters aren’t all tropes and the first to die; imagine a world written by black sisters where black women and femmes are in the starring roles. From flesh-eating plants to flesh-eating bees; zombies to vampires to vampire-eating vampire hunters; ghosts, revenants, witches and werewolves, this book has it all. Cursed drums, cursed dolls, cursed palms, ancient spirits and goddesses create a nuanced world of Afrocentric and multicultural horror. Seventeen terrifying tales by seventeen of the scary sisters profiled in the reference guide “100 Black Women in Horror.”

Includes the stories Appreciation by Mina Polina, Death Lines by Nuzo Onoh, Sweet Justice by Kenesha Williams, Bryannah and the Magic Negro by Crystal Connor, The Lost Ones by Valjeanne Jeffers, Tango…

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