My latest story ‘Leti’ from Sirens Call Publications is out now!! So proud to be a part of their 48th issue titled ‘Death Comes For Us All.’ When it comes to this story, the title fits perfectly ^.^. Get your free copy at sirenscallpub.com!! Enjoy!


Skin Deep



Hello all! I’m back in 2019 with a new story titled ‘Skin Deep’ that’s now featured in Sirens Call Publications’s newest E-Zine titled ‘Can You Feel It’ on page 62. Have to admit, this one was pretty creepy to write but I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it :).

Click to access SirensCallEZine_April2019.pdf

Hello 2019.

Happy New Year my fellow wordnerds!! Wish you all nothing but positive vibes! I can’t wait to kick off this year with new opportunities with my new company Rebel Reaction and new stories! Definitely stay tuned! 😊

Stoker Recommends.

So this year, Black Magic Women: Terrifying Tales by Scary Sisters is on the HWA recommended reading list!!! I’m so excited to share this with everyone!! So if you still haven’t grabbed a copy, here’s the link below. Thank you all for your love and support!! 😊❤